Hints & Tips #22 – How To Sell A Portland House Fast!

Sell Portland House Fast

Are you in a bind that you need
to sell Portland house fast?

You can opt to do it the traditional way and decide to employ the help of a real estate agent to assist you in your selling. However, time and cost are your biggest enemies since a typical period where an agent can sell a house is between seven to nine months.

That’s equivalent to seven to nine months of paying taxes, mowing the grass, paying insurance, paying for your electricity bill and keeping up your home.

However, besides the traditional way, another alternative available to you is selling your house to a cash home buyer. It is a modern approach to selling your home to a “house buyer” or “we buy houses” companies. It is a very convenient way to sell Portland house fast.

If you are weighing the options of whether to sell your home the traditional way or sell to house buyer companies.

Here are helpful comparisons to aid you with your selling decision.

The cost of time.

The traditional way of selling your house can be a time-consuming decision. It entails the decision of finding a good real estate agent, who will then post your house in notable online portals.

Next is the actual home inspection and dealing with problems after the inspection. After that would be staging your house and showcasing them to potential buyers which usually takes months before you can successfully sell your home.

On the other hand, the process of selling to a house buying company is fairly straightforward. You can just give the company a call and say these words (more or less) “I want to sell Portland house fast.”

A professional then will visit and view your home, then make an offer. The valuation they will give you is free, and you are not under any obligation to accept their offer. You can still decide not to accept with no commitments at all.

If you agree with the offer price, the company will initiate the ownership transfer process, and you can receive your money in two days time.

Maintenance, repairs and decluttering costs.

Sell Portland House When selling a house with the help of your real estate agent, some things are a must for you to do.

You have to check your home for any problems and have them fixed.

Utmost care is needed for the exterior as well since you need to make a lasting first impression to any potential buyers.

All in all, it will be a lengthy, demanding and costly process.

Selling to a house buying company, on the other hand, involves a direct approach. Once you agree to the offered price, all you need is simply to pack up and leave.

Most of them buy houses without any repair obligations on your end.

Even if your house has structural issues, like faulty plumbing system and broken windows, you can sell your house ‘as is.’

The time for payments.

Traditional selling may give you more amount of money than selling to a house buying company. A typical offer price you will receive from a house buyer is usually below the market price. Selling your home to a house buyer may not be the best choice for you if you want to receive a large fortune out of your house.

However, when you take into consideration the amount of money expended in repair and maintenance cost using the traditional selling approach, it may be a more expensive decision for you.

Learn more about employing a real estate agent or letting the house buyer take the burden for you. An armful of information may go a long way to aid you in your selling dilemma.

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